Jennifer Welzel – Group Class client – February 2017

My time of yoga with Juanita spanned a number of years specifically over the time that I was pregnant. Juanita was incredibly patient and gentle with me as my belly got bigger. My weekly sessions with Juanita helped me stay sane and limber. I found her voice incredibly calming and asked her to record some meditations for me to use in the weeks leading up to my birth. I used one of these every day and multiple times during labour. They were invaluable in keeping me calm and centered. I find instant peace whenever I walk into a studio with Juanita.”

Gary Ferguson – Private Client – Written 2013

“Juanita, commenced teaching me yoga 5 years ago following a brief chat in the parking lot of the block of apartments we once shared. Little did I know at the time what a profound and positive impact our chance discussion would have. 

At the time I was stressed and searching for more balance in my life and although I did not know much about yoga at the time, I decided to give it a go. Not being the most accomplished nor graceful of yogis, I nevertheless persevered, always aided by Juanita’s patient and gentle approach. Juanita is an incredibly disciplined and dedicated teacher who is a person of quality and this comes through in her teaching. I enjoy the fact that she names all poses in the original Sanskrit  which, together with the English translation, is very descriptive. She devotes attention to form as well as function unlocking the maximum benefit of each pose whilst never losing sight of the fact that the physical has to also be balanced with the emotional and spiritual.  

The benefits of her teaching have been subtle yet consistent over time and holistically positive on many levels. With Juanita’s wise help, yoga has created the space where mind, body and soul can unite, albeit briefly, and regular practice maintains these benefits and enables continued learning. 

In a world filled with change Juanita is always consistent, warm, present, calm, engaging and mindful. I feel blessed to have her as my yoga instructor.”


Helena LaCock – Corporate client – Written 2011

“From the beginning when our company arranged for yoga classes 3 years ago, I was hooked.  Originally we only practiced yoga twice a week, but it soon became apparent that all participants were enjoying it so much that we extended classes to three times a week. 

Yoga has been an absolute learning curve for myself, I was a complete novice, but knew I wanted to do something more than just cardio workouts and in yoga I found that it incorporates a person’s entire body, mind and spirit.  Breaking my day with yoga, instead of sitting at my desk has definitely helped with my concentration, well-being and productivity.  I feel revitalized after a class and ready for the afternoon, no matter what it might bring.

Doing yoga in a small corporate environment has also been great fun as it has helped build a greater team spirit.  No matter whether you are a director or the filing clerk, there is a spot for you and some days we have a good laugh when Juanita introduces new poses or pushes up the tempo and we try and keep up.

I find that I am much stronger in all physical aspects and taking this strength over into regular cardio workouts has made me feel much better about myself and my health.

We all have only one life to live, so living it well and looking after my health is very important.

“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”  – Juanita uses this quote and since I started doing yoga, I now only understand the meaning and it has changed my personal perspective on all aspects in my life.”


Andrew Davies – Group class client – Written 2009

“When did I start practicing Yoga – February 2008

What type of Yoga – Hatha Vinyasa.

My Yoga Story:

My father told me four years ago, in response to a question, “I have only one regret in life – that I did not start Yoga when I was thirty.”  As much as I respect the sage advice of the “all knowing one” I still felt that Yoga was not my scene, I was seriously inflexible, did not want to make a fool of myself and admit I saw it as a quasi religious pastime for those more spiritually inclined.  In 2008 after a run in the morning I stumbled across a beachfront Yoga class with enough hackers present to ensure me a degree of anonymity. 

This first class was run by my then and now instructor, Juanita Caprari, and I was hooked.  Why? The immediate benefit of relaxation and flexibility and a brilliant teacher who made me feel at ease with my inability to master standing on my head whilst touching my toes among many other poses. 

I have found that Yoga has improved my strength and flexibility to perform better at the sports that I love, particularly surfing.  My work takes me to West and Central Africa and all the stresses of travel, and challenges of working in the region left me knackered, anxious and often frustrated at the end of each working week. 

I begin each morning in steamy equatorial Africa with a 30 minute Yoga session, (mobility of the discipline is one of the things that makes Yoga so great), and it makes the world of difference to my state of mind.  When in my home town I religiously try to attend Yoga classes twice a week.  It is the only time that I am able to let go of my thoughts and relax completely and has made an enormous difference to the quality of my life and relationships. 

Through my experience I found that Yoga means different things to different people.  My story reflects what Yoga means to me. Yoga has been a gift that I feel blessed to have received and would encourage anyone thinking about it to do what I did. Just give it a go, you may surprise yourself.”


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