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So many of us, from generation to generation, older generations especially, conditioned by authority and inequality, endured trauma and rejection too painful to share and believing certain topics were taboo to talk about openly. This trend continues today. Thankfully, there has been an awakening and a rising of the phoenix for women globally to heal their wounds and to become empowered. More importantly to share our stories in all its mess and glory, not only with our loved ones but courageously with the world.

It seems most difficult to feel comfortable to expose our true self within a circle of feminine energy, which quite possibly in the past felt more competitive or judgmental. Letting down our guard and exposing our vulnerability in a safe space held by women to openly discuss our wounding and to heal creates an essential need for self-empowerment individually and collectively. Women need to feel safe to be emotionally vulnerable, to stand in their power, to embrace their sexuality and to be proud of their sensuality to fully embody their creative inner conscious being and their beautiful sensual outer existence.

We do not need to feel alone in this desire because we can be guided by gifted, powerful women with tender hearts who can show us the way to fully embody our fullest Self through ancient medicine traditions such as the Sacred Feminine Medicine Wheel of the Shamanic lineage.

One of these incredible women is Willow Jayne who teaches a 24 Month Online Internationally Certified Shamanic Training to journey around the medicine wheel, immersing in teachings of Womb Shamanism, Sacred Sexuality, Earth-Based Sensuality, Womb and Yoni Awakening, Feminine Leadership Skills and Entrepreneurship Building Skills.

In her online two year certified Sacred Feminine Medicine Wheel Course, Willow shares with her students the core teachings she has experienced over the past ten years of her own healing journey, supporting each individual to embody their own individuated authentic expression and birth their creative expression into the world.

“Willow transformed her wounds around mental illness, sexual trauma, PTSD and disassociation into her greatest sources of wisdom, compassion and power, unlocking a remembrance of her call to be a way-shower of the Fierce Feminine at this time on the planet.”

Live your highest being of all that you embody physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with unapologetic abandon and empower yourself to live freely and abundantly. This course will show you the way.

I am honoured to know Willow personally and to have shared sacred cacao women’s circle with her. She is a gentle yet powerful facilitator with incredible insight, wisdom, compassion and love. I feel completely safe under her guidance and remain in awe of her inner and outer magnificence.

If you are searching to unleash your magnificence that has been suppressed for too long, I urge you to seriously consider the guidance of Willow Jayne with her certified Sacred Feminine Medicine Wheel course. Your transformation will be profound and your freedom will be proclaimed!

For details on the training click the link below:

Sacred Feminine Medicine Wheel

About Willow’s training:

Willow has worked with the world’s leading healers in the fields of shamanism, neuroscience, nutrition and biology, energy healing and womb awakening, from Europe, Nepal, Peru, Brazil, South Africa and Australia. This has included completing Dr Alberto Villoldo’s Core Curriculum at the Light Body School, the world’s leading energy medicine school, to completing a 500-hour Womb Shaman Apprenticeship with Fountain of Life, Sexual Awakening and Sexual Shadow Mastery Teachings from Shakti Malan and as a Vortex Healer with VortexHealing®. Willow has received the Munay-Ki Rites and Transmissions from Don Juan at Four Winds Society, learned from the Andean Grandmothers in the Sacred Valley of Peru and completed Earth Work with South African Shamans. Willow is now continuing her studies as a Somatic Psychotherapist, training with North American Native Tribes, training with Mayan Shamans deepening her relationship with Cacao, completing advanced VortexHealing® classes, completing advanced Four Winds Classes and completing her PhD in Transpersonal Psychology.

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