Passion and Gratitude – When your passion becomes your career.

When your passion becomes your career, people follow with sentiments of encouragement, happiness and admiration for having the courage to leave the ‘corporate’ world behind to make a living doing what you love. The famous quote that fills our Facebook timeline that reads “Do what you love and love what you do” is inspiring and … Continue reading Passion and Gratitude – When your passion becomes your career.

My practice helped me to accept love in all its forms without having to choose.

The practice of Yoga teaches you about yourself more than many self-help books can. It gently forces you to look at yourself in a way that you would least expect, it gently nudges you to look within to see and feel your raw emotions and all that you choose to hide from the world. It … Continue reading My practice helped me to accept love in all its forms without having to choose.

Yoga and Meditation helped me to accept a heartbreaking decision

I have written about my Yoga journey in various ways, from writing about poses, to my first sacred and life changing journey to India, to how this ancient tool has helped me to accept ageing from my thirties into my forties gracefully. What I'm about to write about has been an extremely sensitive and heartbreaking … Continue reading Yoga and Meditation helped me to accept a heartbreaking decision

Yoga will meet you where you are!

What does Yoga mean to you? How do you embrace it in your life? Is it a physical means to stretch out stiff muscles and bend yourself into all shapes and forms to defy what you thought your body could never do? Or is it a mindful physical practice that intuitively allows you to turn … Continue reading Yoga will meet you where you are!

Letting go…

Sometimes, when you want significant change, it doesn't happen and you wonder how that is possible when you feel you want it...but in actual fact... it is not time. Sometimes, when you don't want change, it flashes before you with such audacity that you have no choice but to accept it even when you thought you … Continue reading Letting go…

Yoga taught me the acceptance of ageing with grace.

I have been practicing Yoga for 14 years since 2002 and what an unfolding journey of discovery it has been! Self -discovery through facing deep fears, uncovering the depths of my heart and Soul and the many layers of my relentless mind. Then, through the years of practicing and teaching Yoga, I discovered how forgiving and fragile the body truly is, most especially through the transition from my thirties to my forties.

“Same, same but different” ~ My India Pilgrimage 2014.

Ask anyone who has been to Rishikesh, ask each person who has stayed at Phool Chatti, their face will light up, their hearts will pound, their words will be many yet not nearly enough to capture the feeling. That place does something to you….it fills you with awe, with tears, with wonder, with peace, with unapologetic emotion…

Discovering the Himalayan Yoga Tradition – A five thousand year old Lineage of Himalayan Masters.”

Unbeknown to me and my fellow teachers travelling on this journey from the West to meet the ancient traditions of Yoga in the East, an angel of a teacher, Aditi M. Gaur arranged for 17 of us to sit in an hour meditation with Swami Veda, who has taken a 5 year vow of silence that began in March 2013. A truly intense and profound experience beyond words!

Integrated Well-being that is Yoga.

We strive for healthy living and a sense of balance in our lives. We focus on physical fitness in order to maintain a sense of well-being. Being physically fit is only part of the puzzle to gaining optimum health. Mental health, emotional health and spiritual health integrated with our physical well-being provide complete balance and … Continue reading Integrated Well-being that is Yoga.

The Light of Communication

Public Relations can be defined as “the management, through communication, of perceptions and strategic relationships between an organization and its internal and external stakeholders.” The key word being communication. Without the right communication, the sharing of words, thoughts and ideas, there can be no solid management of an organization and its members, both internal and … Continue reading The Light of Communication